Chris’s Commander Corner: My First Spec of 2023

Happy New Year! I have my first spec of the year to share predicated on a combination of price action and precedence of other cards with the similar ability this card possesses. The spec is Prosperous Innkeeper, an uncommon from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. The rate and utility of this card is fantastic sinceContinue reading “Chris’s Commander Corner: My First Spec of 2023”

Rotation Prep Pt. 1: Throne of Eldraine

For years, the power-level of Standard sets seemed like it had been relatively consistent and stable. Set after set, the storyline and lore fused with limited and Standard design to make for a typically-balanced, almost-always solid drafting experience. This statement includes Dominaria and the Ixalans, the second Return to Ravnica (Guilds of Ravnica and RavnicaContinue reading “Rotation Prep Pt. 1: Throne of Eldraine”

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