Ep. 63: Talking with Andy Floury from Guardian Project Podcast

Agenda: Introducing Andy (6:40) Origins of the Guardian Project Podcast (22:40) Andy’s “Year of EDH” and Game Tracker (54:30) Using the data to influence game play and deck building in 2022 Socials: Twitter: @AndyFloury & @GuardianPod Website: guardianprojectpodcast.com Andy’s Game Tracker Template

Ep. 45 – All Things Bling!

Show Notes: Topics: “What is Bling?” Foreign Bling Latest Secret Lair Drop Finance Impact of “Changing Bling” Extended Art Foil/Non-Foil Pack Foils Card Stock Important Links: All Things Foil (first episode of Brewin’ With Conviction ever recorded!) Check out Jay’s Twitter! Dr. Lair’s Secretorium Superdrop StarCityBen’s Article about “fixing foils”

Sims MTG Summer Bundle Secret Lair Tournament Report

By: Jaren White Standard Decklist Tournament Report Round 1 vs. Bant Control: Game 1, I was on the play. I double-Genesis Ultimatum’d and my opponent conceded. Game 2 they played double-Confounding Conundrum. I still played all my lands on curve while deploying a series of threats to answer. For Game 2, I boarded in allContinue reading “Sims MTG Summer Bundle Secret Lair Tournament Report”

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