First Impression Review: Mana Moon Tower Deck Box

Jesus returns with his first MTG Accessory review of 2023, this time covering the Mana Moon Tower Deck Box product line. This is a time sensitive, collectible MTG Accessory, and the article is loaded with great information!

Jesus’s Accessory Bling Reviews: Deck Boxes

Jesus’s first review of MTG accessories is here! It is LOADED with info ranging from big name vendors to custom creators and limited edition accessories. You will learn something new about the MTG accessories finance space from this piece!

Commander Legends: the Dive

Hello, everyone. Jesus here again for some discussion on Commander Legends. I know we did a recording discussing some of our top picks for CL, but there is much more I want to go into in terms of individual pieces and mechanics. Overall, I think Commander Legends is a fantastic set with a nice amountContinue reading “Commander Legends: the Dive”

Constructing Commander: All Things Meta

By: Jesus Garcia Warning. This article is in a different style than my norm. The article will be predominantly informative about overall decision-making and discussion on what a meta is, how to play with a meta, and how to promote a continuously evolving meta within a playgroup. As such, this article will be written aContinue reading “Constructing Commander: All Things Meta”

Constructing Commander: Commander Analysis and Type Classification

Hello, everyone. It’s me, Hispanic! At the Disco, again for another Constructing Commander segment. I previously discussed commander selection when talking about constructing the Core of a commander deck, but I never went into detail about how to make a decision on a commander and direction that you want to go. Granted, there are hundredsContinue reading “Constructing Commander: Commander Analysis and Type Classification”