Shalai and Hallar, another two card combo Commander!

Hi, All,

For the second time in a matter of months, I’m here to tell you that War Elemental and The Red Terror are a two-card win-the-game combo pairing! The new Shalai and Hallar “secret commander” from the Naya precon in March of the Machine has been revealed today, and it is no surprise with the ability that you can just straight up win with this.

Both “The Red Terror” from the Warhammer 40K precons and War Elemental from Mirrodin are back in the spotlight as two-card combos, first spiking because of All Will Be One (the red enchantment that goes infinite with them).

If you see cheap copies of these lying around, scoop them up. Cheap means sub-$3 for both base versions and sub-$15 for the foils (NM and LP only). Else, if you still have them in your inventory, raise your prices. There’s a very real chance  both base versions of these cards are $10 for the next few months. I wouldn’t be surprised if the foils hit $25-30 for The Red Terror again, and $40-50 for War Elemental (prices based on NM copies).



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