Calvary Charge Precon Revealed: What is in and what is out?

Hi, All,

The Knight precon has been spoiled and we now know what to be focused on for specs. Here’s what is in and what is out. Anything “out” is a spec and I am actively searching for copies. Wanted to get the alert to you first so you have equal footing on these to react to.

The notable reprints from the “Calvary Charge” precon which are buylist candidates immediately if you’re holding pack non-foil versions:

Hero of Bladehold (!)


Knight Exemplar (!)


Notables missing which will absolutely increase in price and which I am actively seeking copies of right now:

Kinsbaile Cavalier

Guardian of Faith

Skyhunter Strike Force

Cavalier of Dawn

Battle Angels of Tyr

Best of luck and happy speccing!


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