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Editors’ Note: this alert originally posted to Conviction Gaming Patrons on 1/13/2023. The price of the card highlighted below may have changed since that post went live..

Early access to our price increase alerts and/or speculative pickups is the primary benefit of the $1 subscription to Conviction Gaming.

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are having a good start to your week. I’m writing to let you know about a decision we have made regarding Patreon Alerts which will enhance the value of what I bring to the table with specs.

Moving forward, I will begin posting an alert to our Patrons at least 12-24 hours before some of my tweets go live. I still plan to provide free “mtg finance” services to my Twitter following as well; however, I’ve had at least three cases now in the last three months where my tweets predicted a huge run on a card, and I want to begin putting those type of alerts here for our Conviction Gaming Patrons first to ensure the value of the subscription is maximized.

Two of the three tweets I put out that would have met this scenario are for White Plume Adventurer and Cyberdrive Awakener. The third, Blast-Furnace hellkite, was a little bit unforeseen, but I still should have alerted this group. In all three cases, the cards increased significantly, and had you followed my advice from Twitter, you saved a handsome amount of money.

As it stands, the next card I will tweeting about this weekend or Monday is Machine God’s Effigy from one of the Brothers’ War Commander precons. In the event this card takes off like the other tweets, I wanted our Patrons to know first. Below is my analysis and disclosure of my purchase.

Machine God’s Effigy can still be had for around $1 in retro frame and under $1 for the Extended Art as of the time of this writing on 1/13/2023. I picked up 50 copies of it between those two variants for about $0.80 averaged out, and all of these will make their way into my Chicago Style Gaming sales inventory.

I expect this could become a $3-5 card in 6-12 months given it is a blue mana rock that doubles as a copy spell. We have precedent for this with Cursed Mirror, a similar card in red which hit $7 before being reprinted in Brothers’ War: Commander.

If you’re a player or speculator, grabbing a copy now is a good idea in my opinion. The $1 price feels low to me, and if I were pricing this for a shop I’d have it set at $2 already. I still think it would sell there, and thus my estimate for $3-5 over 6-12 months as some supply gets absorbed. There’s also no foil version (yet), and I think the preference of players will lean toward Retro Frame over the Borderless; at least that’s how the trends have gone on other cards recently.


Chris Martin is the co-founder of Conviction Gaming and co-host of the Brewin’ With Conviction podcast. He has been playing Magic since 1998 and is an avid EDH player with a knack for MTG finance.

You can reach Chris and find more of his daily MTG content by following on Twitter @ChiStyleGaming.

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