(Free to Read) Dice Rolling Pickups for Unfinity!

Hi Everyone! If you’re enjoying Unfinity spoilers as much as I am and you find yourself thinking “hmm, which commander do I want to build?” then look no further but to pick up these three cards. They’ll be really useful in supporting some of the new dice rolling commanders & support cards from the latest “Unset” expansion. Read on for my analysis below!

Wyll, Blade of Frontiers and Barbarian Class are both cheap pickups on TCGPlayer if you aim for the pack non-foil versions. You can grab both for roughly $1 before forced shipping; however, both are sold out on TCG Direct, and if we look to other sites like CardKingdom, eBay, and SCG, they’re also either sold out or selling for over $1 now. This indicates the cards are moving up in price, and we can also see this by looking at the “Latest Sales” feature on TCGPlayer.

Foils of Barbarian Class are still available overseas for around $1 (USD) and will flip in the US for $4+ in coming weeks (with a higher price expected on TCG Direct). I’d aim for these if you’re a vendor/speculator looking to make a few bucks off Unfinity.

I’m shying away from Wyll for speculation purposes as the supply is deep, and I don’t see it gaining enough to be worthwhile. Still, buy your copy now if you’re a player who sees yourself building around one of the many dice rolling commanders in Unfinity.

Captain Rex Nebula figures to be a particularly-popular Commander legal general. So much so that he prompted me to write this article!

I also put Vexing Puzzlebox into my gallery above, and this one is a must-buy spec in my opinion. The chance to buy it for sub-$3 are long gone, but if you can get the pack non-foil for $3-4 right now, do it, especially if you need one for your collection. I expect Vexing Puzzlebox to be a $6+ card in a few weeks, and there will actually be more room for it to climb depending on how popular Captain Rex Nebula is as a commander.

I’m also a buyer of Vexing Puzzlebox Borderless foils at $10 or less because the art is so good, and Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate has plenty of value to disperse given how depressed the set is only months after its release. If you haven’t seen how pretty Puzzlebox Borderless foil looks, check it out here:


“You have to win, somehow!” – Brazen Dwarf, alternate flavor text

I absolutely love Brazen Dwarf in my Vrondiss deck already, and I wanted to mention it here as a penny pickup for any of your dice rolling decks in Unfinity. While this is certainly not a spec, foils of it are a dime (!) right now, and I want to encourage you to grab one if you build Captain Rex Nebula or any other dice rolling matters theme deck! Brazen Dwarf wins games, so don’t forget about it!


I think Unfinity will be surprisingly popular for commander players, especially those who already love Unsets or are experimental and looking for something new and fresh. I am certainly excited for the release weekend, and plan to spend it with friends at Pastimes in the Chicagoland area. If you’ll be there and read this, hit me up on Twitter so we can get a game in or say hi!


– CM

Chris Martin is the co-founder of Conviction Gaming and co-host of the Brewin’ With Conviction podcast. He has been playing MTG since 1998 and is an avid EDH player with a knack for MTG finance.

You can find more of Chris’s daily content by following on Twitter @ChiStyleGaming.

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