Unlocked: Price Trend Alerts

Some free content for your Monday afternoon! Here’s a few cards trending up in price which you may want to be paying attention to for play or vending purposes.

Grief, all versions, Modern Horizons 2 – up more than 20% in the last seven days on the heels of breaking through in Modern’s “Living End” tier 1 deck. This will be the talk of Interests over the next week or so, and pack non-foils should have a shot at hitting $20 (it is already selling near there on TCG Direct). The only thing holding this back from a higher upswing is the MH2 wave of sealed product that surprised the US and EU and hit shelves about a month ago. 

Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset, all versions, Midnight Hunt – up 100% from $3 to $6 in the last seven days, this one is spiking due to a top placement in a Pioneer league as part of the (clear) Tier 1 best deck, Mono-Green Nykthos. Teferi was added to the deck as a way to untap Nykthos, and in the words of the pro piloting the deck, felt like “cheating”. Your friends here at Conviction Gaming expect a ban of Nykthos in Pioneer soon, but until then, Teferi is going to keep rising. We also just got a new five-mana Lotus spoiled in Dominaria United that ETB’s tapped, but Teferi can untap to get access to the five mana (one of each color) it generates. 

Zuberi, Golden Feather (Mirage) and Griffin Canyon (Visions) – oh, the Reserved List… how I loathe yet love thee. Both of these are part of an assumed “Griffin tribal” deck that spawned itself on the heels of Dominaria United’s spoiler for the Legends’ Legacy precon. The deck features a Griffin named Zeriam, Golden Wind, seen here, and the speculators were quick to hit both of these RL cards that will be auto-includes in this generally-underwhelming, under-supported tribal deck. 

If you’re not already following me on Twitter, I mentioned both of these RL cards shortly after Zeriam was spoiled. Follow me to get real-time alerts during spoiler season to ensure you’re getting all my content!

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