Unlocked: The Impact of Tasha

In our upcoming episode of Brewin’ With Conviction which posts on Tuesday, June 14th, Jesus and I discuss brews and specs for three of the top five most popular commanders from Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate (CLB).

One of the commanders discussed is Tasha, the Witch Queen, and we promise a couple specs would also be dropping via our Patreon as unlocked (free) content. Let’s get to it!

The first, and likely highest priority, spec to cover is a single-print $2-3 Dimir mythic from Guilds of Ravnica. Can you guess?

Betrayal is a fairly obvious choice as it synergizes perfectly with Tasha’s triggered ability which creates 3/3 Demons when you cast spells you do not own. Conveniently, it also helps Tasha because upon resolution, the cards you don’t cast return to your opponent’s graveyard which helps feed Tasha’s loyalty abilities.

You can find copies of this overseas (CT0 and MKM) for close to $2 while in the US (TCGPlayer) it retails closer to $3 with Direct going as high as $4 for LP already. I like this one as a pick still because the curve on its price chart hasn’t started moving significantly, however the time to buy is closing. You’ll do best by staying closer to the non-US price of $2-2.50 rather than contending with US prices. This is an obvious arbitrage play, and I expect copies to range up to $5-6 within 3-6 months as Tasha decks start getting sleeved up.

The second spec to share is a Standard-legal Dimir mythic that’ll also run $2-3. It has demand from two reasonably popular tribes, Rats and Ninjas. Can you guess?

That’s right. Nashi, Moon Sage’s Scion is a top choice for Tasha. It’s extremely powerful, serving as a solid tempo play that does literally everything Tasha wants. Because of Ninjitsu, there’s an element of surprise to it that should allow fairly consistent triggering of her ability. And when it hits, she lets you cast off the top of each player’s library for free (ok, pay some life, but let’s be real here: paying life for free spells has always been broken). I view Nashi as one of the best cards in the entire Tasha deck, so good that I expect it to hit auto include status. The pressure that Tasha demand will put on Nashi should move the needle enough to be profitable, and I’m in for 20 copies at $2.50/ea. I’m expecting this to hit $6ish on TCG Direct and $5-5.50 normally. That margin may not be worth it to some, so consider a holder long-time for higher profits (reprints be damned!).

That’s it for this alert. I hope you have a great week ahead!


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