Dragons, Dragons Everywhere!

Hi All,

I wrote a spec alert about the spoilers in CLB which focused on some picks for dragons, and I want to double down on this. I’m seeing movement for key dragon tribal staples once again. A few notable cards to keep an eye on are below:

Dragon’s Hoard: recently reprinted as part of the AFR Draconic Rage and CLB Draconic Dissent precon, it is one of the top sellers over the past few days on TCGPlayer (the foils are increasingly hard to find!).

Lathliss, Dragon Queen: lots of versions, so a deeper supply than the average dragon, but this one is selling fast and is especially showing promise as a potential arbitrage opportunity.

Crux of Fate: several versions of this one as well, but it is another card that has traction… I’m avoiding it personally because the focus of dragons in CLB wasn’t on black at all. Temur (red/green/blue) were the dominant three colors.

Scourge of Valkas foils, Utvara Hellkite (any version), Terror of the Peaks, Goldspan Dragon (reprinted in Challenger deck, already recovered $5), and Hellkite Tyrant: these all show promise as buylist and/or arbitrage plays in coming weeks.

Zirilan of the Claw: this is a reserved list play and one I followed personally by picking up 12 NM copies for $15.99 each. You’ll see this one consistently showing up on MTG Stocks Interests page as more players realize how good this card is in the 99 of Miirym.

Dragon Tempest: part of a combo with Vrondiss and just a generally-awesome card for Dragon tribal, this is a solid card with a big demand profile that just got bigger.



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