Patreon Alert: SNC Spoilers

Earlier this week, Command Zone showed off three of the new commanders from the upcoming expansion Streets of Capenna.

One of the new cards, Jetmir, caught my eye as a possible mover of cardboard. I think it immediately becomes one of if not the best go-wide commanders printed. As a Naya alignment, it is in the perfect color combination to take advantage of the synergies, and it should be reasonably popular early-on with the casual crowd.

I see Jetmir being powerful in the right shell because it’s functionally a cheaper, reusable Craterhoof that sits in the Command Zone for only four mana. Thinking out loud, but a good place to start for researching how to build Jetmir is Rith, the Awakener. They aren’t identical because one buffs the tokens while the other creates them, but the strategies should end up with a decent amount of overlap.

I have a list of cards I’m eyeing, and one I already bought into:

  • Scute Swarm
  • Arasta of the Endless Web
  • Tendershoot Dryad
  • Aura Mutation
  • Welcoming Vampire

Of this list, I have already acquired copies of Arasta – they can be found overseas (CardTrader for me) as low as $0.30, and the Extended Art variant is still sub $4 (although low in supply). I grabbed 28 copies of the pack non-foil for about $0.45/ea. after the shipping and CT0 fee was applied, and I also bought 5x of the Extended Art variant for $3.50/ea.

I see this having buylist appeal after the set drops, turning those $0.50 investments into $0.80-$1. I also see this being a solid TCG Direct play as the supply there should run out fast. For the EA version, I could see that hitting $10+ in a few short months.

I haven’t pulled the trigger on any of the other four cards mentioned yet, but I have added them to my watchlist and will likely do more research before I pick up copies.

As always, do your own due diligence, and be sure not to overpay. The supply on Arasta at the prices I bought in at were somewhat low, so don’t force the issue and run the risk of not being able to turn for a profit later.

The goal is always be agile and turn our specs over fast to reinvest funds again.

Stay tuned here for more SNC spoiler coverage!



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