Sims MTG Summer Bundle Secret Lair Tournament Report

By: Jaren White

Standard Decklist

Tournament Report

Round 1 vs. Bant Control:

Game 1, I was on the play. I double-Genesis Ultimatum’d and my opponent conceded. Game 2 they played double-Confounding Conundrum. I still played all my lands on curve while deploying a series of threats to answer. For Game 2, I boarded in all Mystical Disputes and Negates and I boarded out two Migration Path and three Bonecrusher Giants. Currently 1-0 at this time.

Round 2 vs. Temur Adventures:

Game 1 went pretty quickly. Actually I was on the draw. I was fortunate enough to resolve an early Genesis Ultimatum and I got King Kenny, Radha and an Omnath. Gave everything haste and trample. Opponent conceded. Game 2, I boarded in a Mystical Dispute or two and two negates. I boarded out two Terror of the Peaks and two Migration Path. My opponent tried to play the mill game and mill me out. I slammed out two Bonecrusher Giants to keep pressure. They went to resolve a Redcap Melee targeting Bonecrusher. They were at 4 life. I had a third Bonecrusher in hand and hit them for 2 for the win.  Currently 2-0.

Round 3, Mirror:

Long story short my opponent had better draws than I did games 1 and 3. I think I kept a sketchy hand but I wasn’t sure I could draw a better 6.   Currently 2-1

Round 4 vs. Dimir Flash:

The games were pretty quick. I played a Terror of the Peaks and slammed out Uro back to back with a swing in game 1.  Game 2, I boarded in Mystical Dispute and I dropped King Kenny and the Migration Paths. I played an early Omnath and a Terror the next turn, followed by a Genesis ultimatum for the win. 3-1. 

Round 5 vs. Temur Adventures:

I drew into the top 8.

Standard result 3-1-1

Historic Decklist

QF vs Mono G Devotion:

Game 1 my opponent went Leyline into ramp spells. I had very limited interaction. They ended up running me over. Game 2, I boarded in Storm’s Wrath, Elder Gargaroth and Thundering Rebuke. I cut some Terror of the Peaks and King Kenny. I swept their board game 2 and proceeded to edge them out with a timely Elder Gargaroth. Game 3, they started out with Leyline again. I killed two mana dorks back-to-back. However, it wasn’t enough as they managed to stick one and slam a Nissa Who Shakes the World. From then on, they proceeded to pump the team and I didn’t have a way to answer it.

Final Thoughts. 

All in all, it was fun to play tournament magic again. With that being said, I found the Omnath mirror in Standard to basically be an arms race. In terms of Historic. I believe there is something there with Omnath and it’s probably pretty powerful.

You can find Jay on Twitter @jaywmtg or in the Conviction Gaming Discord.

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