• Pt. 1: The State of Magic, a Quarterly Update from the Chi Style POV
    Chris recaps where Magic is at after the first three months of 2023 and he lays the foundation for Part 2 in the series where he will share thoughts on the year ahead.
  • (Unlocked): It’s Time to Take Your Plains Seriously
    Chris examines how the color pie has evolved in Magic: the Gathering and the recent bias that has brought Plains aka Mono-White back into the spotlight.
  • (Unlocked) Five at Five, a Collaboration with Jake & Joel Are Magic
    Conviction Gaming is excited to announce a collaboration with Jake and Joel Are Magic! The Five at Five series will explore specs, future and past, from Chris Martin, as both an article and video series. Check it out and let us know what you think!
  • First Impression Review: Mana Moon Tower Deck Box
    Jesus returns with his first MTG Accessory review of 2023, this time covering the Mana Moon Tower Deck Box product line. This is a time sensitive, collectible MTG Accessory, and the article is loaded with great information!
  • Enhancing Our Patrons’ Value
    Chris shares another spec of his from Brothers’ War: Commander and in the process also shares an update about how the Conviction Gaming Patreon value will be further enhanced.


Ep. 74: Brothers’ War Commander Review Conviction Gaming

Join the Brewin' With Conviction cast as they unravel four of the top commanders from The Brothers' War. This episode is loaded with gameplay breakdown, cards to watch and buy, and more!
  1. Ep. 74: Brothers’ War Commander Review
  2. Ep. 73: Evan Braun, Cosplay Icon and Winner of the Magic 30 Contest, Joins the Cast!
  3. Ep. 72 Ft. Josh Krause from Original Magic Art